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Stress and Emotions Study

Are you an ethnic minority college student?

If yes, would you like to participate in a 2-week study that involves:

  1. Completing a few measures on stress, emotion regulation, and mental health
  2. Completing brief measures from your phone 3x a day for 2 weeks on questions about current stress, mood levels, and managing emotions

The study involves an in-person lab visit where you will complete a few measures and then download a free phone app and review the items with a study staff member. Then, you will answer questions on your phone 3x a day for the next two weeks. You will then attend an in-person lab visit for an exit survey to share your experience with this study, and you can be compensated up to $75 for your time!

Interested individuals can scan the QR code, and we will schedule a time with you right away!

QR Code for Current Lab Study


Last Updated: 5/29/24