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Manny Gutierrez Chavez invited to present ABCT Symposium talk on Caribbean Trauma Training & Advocacy Project

Manny Gutierrez-Chavez

Manny Gutierrez Chavez is scheduled for an upcoming ABCT symposium talk regarding the longitudinal results of our 2020 one-day trauma psychoeducation workshop in the Caribbean.

Gutierrez Chavez, M.,Charlery White, S. R., Majeed, I., Askew, A., & Asnaani, A. (2021, November). Longitudinal results of a one-day evidence-based trauma education and skills-building workshop with front-line providers in the Caribbean. In Arteaga, K. (Chair). Sociocultural Factors in PTSD: Improving Treatment Outcomes and Dissemination. Symposium accepted for presentation at the 55th Annual Convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, New Orleans, LA


Last Updated: 7/16/21